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Get your custom one-page website that sells and perfoms well. Get landing pages designed from scratch or based on existing materials.

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Powerful one page website that is flexible and scalable

Fully customized and optimized portfolio website, or other

From spectacular custom made theme and high convertion rate to SEO-friendliness, and fast loading,

Yuki Kitty mini studio takes care of it all and a lot more. We offer you a complete tailored creative website creation for your online presence.

The right single-page website for your business or personal project

Start with a striking single-page website now and amaze all your visitors and potential clients.

You can also start selling additional items online with ease and have complete control over your website

A dedicated team of designers

Reduce your cost with affortable service from a team with a variety of creative capabilities under one roof and experience and expertise when it comes to site-building.

We develop your single-page website hassle-free
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Wix? Squarespace? NO. It's a trap!

Consider dig into those more and check their disadvantages. There is alot
Most online drag and drop tools look easy to use, but most still required addional knowledge to get the website perform well. They are limited, do not perfom well, and they are not fully SEO optimized. There is a long list of cons to be honest, a really long list.

We do it much better.
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Website that help you turn leads into actual paying customers

Can you think of at least one benefit of having your website done? Is it personal or bussiness opportunity? If you’re not sure whether you should create a website for your business or short portfolio site or blog, this section might give you the last push of considering to work with us.

Landing page for your marketing campaign

You can also think of it as a landing page for you future clients. Landing pages improve conversion rates and drive. They are structured differently than ordinary web pages as they don't encourage exploration but have strong offer. In order to convert better some businesses have 10-15 landing pages. Do you?

One page site can be used in many ways, but it must be build correctly.

It really does increases Credibility

Nowadays visitors expect businesses to have a proper website. By proper, We mean a modern responsive website and safe, it can have a massive impact on your success.Without a website, people may question your legitimacy as a business. A great way to give your first-time visitors comfort that you’re a real and reliable business.

Unlimited functionality with WordPress

Once you start needing advanced website, your site is already future proof and ready to scale at any time. on top of it you can create as many landing pages within the website, there is no limit.

We set up your site in a clean and efficient way. Your website will generate data and insights for you. Althouh true is thatsingle page can't rank high, you will get a proper SEO optimization and website foundation.

However, it all comes down to evaluating each project on a case-by-case basis.

One page websites are goal-oriented

They fulfill specific purpose, it can be increasing your sales or conversions, subscriptions, or any other objective.

Analytics are simpler to read on one page sites, so you can fine-tuned the output easier.

One-page websites can be incredibly engaging if used correctly. Since there’s less information to sort through, chances are your visitors will pay more attention to your content. That, in turn, can translate to higher engagement and even more conversions.

Get your one page design delivered in just a few business days

Highly practical one-page website

Where it makes sense to use a one pager/single page?

  • freelancers to showcase their portfolio
  • marketing campaigns
  • event related occasions
  • small businesses to connect google search console

100% satisfied

We’ll revise the designs until you are completely satisfied with the end result.

It always depends on the project scope, but our average time to delivery is 4 business days.

How it works?

Add us to your schedule
Discuss your needs
Receive your design
Revise and approve
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One page website service pricing
No hourly rates or surprises

One Page

Fast turnaround web design and development of landing page or one page
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  • Unlimited revisions
  • Delivery time no more than 7 days
  • Design customization
  • Responsive design
  • Wordpress
  • Transfer of ownership


For businesses with the need for multiple projects at a time or advanced site
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  • Everything from "One Page" plus
  • Content SEO service
  • Branding strategy
  • Complex website strategy
  • Full-Stack web design and development

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Did we miss anything?

If you can't find your answer here, just let us know!

What billing options do you have?

Invoicing system with bank transfer or stripe

What other capabilities you posses?

We are primarly focused on creating landing pages designed from scratch or based on existing materials. The process is never "just" design. The proper full-stack service consist of many fields such as project management, website strategy, thoughtful UX wireframes, high-fidelity UI, copywriting, development and post-launch maintenance.

Do you offer any SEO copywriting?

Yes, but it is only included on Enterprise plan. We offer copy for structure we design, however we do not provide content written or other long form formats (blogs, website long content, reports, white papers, etc) as it require a specific content writter to each particular industry.

I have more questions, what do I do?

Please reach out through our chat and we'll make sure to answer them for you!

Can you do design project tasks not specified on this site?

Probably yes - just ask us and we'll let you know.

How fast will my web design get delivered?

On average it is up to 7 days. Although it varies depending on the complexity of your request, we usually deliver a design within a few business days.

Do you offer website support after launch?

Yes, we do! However, it has a monthly fee starting at 49/month.
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